Optimists Cricket Club News story

This is not the new pavillion!

19 Jul 2018

Just in case you were wondering what this strange construction is, I can reveal to you that this is NOT a tiny new pavilion. Following the demise of the now legendary 'Turdis', also know as the toilet of the PWCG, the Walfer Commune have informed us that as of tomorrow the new toilet will be operational.

The toilet is at the forefront of eco-friendly toilets, using neither water nor chemicals, but a sort of worm-composting technique which leaves no residues whatsoever (in French: lombricompostage). No need to be alarmed there are very simple pictogram instructions inside the cabin.

The toilet will be usable every day from 07h00 until 22h00 with an automatic locking system. In the case that someone should find themselves locked in at 22h01, there is a way to open the door from the inside. The toilet is also available for people with reduced mobility

The Walfer Service Technique will pass by several times a week to check the state of it as well as replenish usables. It will also be fully cleaned every week. Can I take this opportunity to remind all our members to treat this new facility with respect, bearing in mind that the reputation of the club is at stake. Every person responsible for an event at the ground should ensure that the toilet is left in a good condition when leaving. This is now the only toilet available at the PWCG as the Turdis will shortly be dismantled.

Hopefully the two attachments came through the emailing system. If not, and you are interested in having more information, then please contact me.


William Heath

Club Chairman