Optimists Cricket Club - Membership Conditions

New members

Simply fill in the attached application form and send it to the Club Secretary (email address shown within form) and pay the applicable fee (detailed in the form).
Following acceptance of the application, you will be issued with a login for the club website so you can enter your availability for matches and receive club news by email.

APPLICATION FORM: OCC application form 2023

Current members

Annual subscription fees are decided at the club AGM in November each year and become due prior to the start of the outdoor season. 

Membership type and fees (2023 outdoor season)

ADULT – FULL Membership (€150¹)

ADULT – BCF-only Membership (€100¹)

ADULT – Friendlies (€30)

ADULT – WOCC (€30)



LIFE (€1,700)

1 Members who subscribe to these options – Full Membership and BCF-only Membership – who end up playing 4 or less BCF matches will be reimbursed as follows (after season ends with retainer cost of €80/€30 – for Full and BCF-only memberships respectively – therefore if play no matches, the season cost will be €80/€30):

  • Play Less than 3 Matches ->      Reimbursed €70
  • Play 3 Matches                   ->      Reimbursed €55
  • Play 4 Matches                   ->      Reimbursed €40
  • Play More than 4 Matches    ->     Reimbursed €0

2 Full time student (should be under 25, at the start of the season, able to provide a proof such as student ID). Any other exception will be subject to approval by OCC committee.

3 No games and no vote but free drinks machine fob for first year.

To pay your subscription fee please pay to the following BCEE account

LU31 0019 1000 4983 8000

and please reference “OCC [membership type] + your name

Match fees

For the current season match fees will not necessarily but may be collected, depending on the type of match.
Players will be nominated to provide food for teas (without recompense) or to perform additional management duties.
Where catering is supplied by an external provider, players will be charged to cover the costs