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2020 OCC Membership Fee Changes

01 Jul 2020

Dear Members,
Great to have the playing season started.
As it’s a shortened playing season the Committee has decided that the full membership for the Senior players for the 2020 season will be reduced to 70EUR.
Please make sure you have made the 70EUR payment for the 2020 season by Friday 17th July. If payment is not received by this date it may effect your chances of selection.
If you have already paid the original higher membership for 2020 (as decided at the AGM) you will receive the balance refunded. If this is the case for you please send a formal refund request email to tony@whiteman.lu with your bank details (if you don’t formally request a refund by 20th Sep 2020 it will be assumed that you are happy to leave the 2020 membership fee as paid – no credit will be given for the 2021 season).
Note: there is no proposed change to any of the other membership classes.
OCC Committee