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2021 Annual OCC Membership Fees and INS Medical

20 Feb 2021

Dear Members,


Please read and action the following two requirements.


2021 Annual OCC Membership Fees.

Please find below the table with the OCC Membership fees for 2021.

Fees are due by 31st March 2021. If fees aren’t received by this date you will not

be eligible for selection in BCF, WOCC or Friendly matches. You will only be

re-considered for selection once the fees have subsequently been paid.

Please make payments to the Optimists Cricket Club bank account:


0019 1000 4983 8000


Please include reference as: “2021 OCC Membership” & "Your Name" so we

know who has paid.


Membership Fee Options:

Membership type

ADULT – FULL Membership (€150)

ADULT – BCF-only Membership (€100)¹

ADULT – Friendlies/WOCC (€50)



LIFE (€1,700)

¹Members who subscribe to the BCF only option who end up playing 4 or less BCF matches will be

reimbursed as follows (after season ends with retainer cost of EUR 30 - therefore if play no matches,

the season cost will be EUR 30):

  • Play Less than 3 Matches                    ->      Reimbursed €70
  • Play 3 Matches                                   ->      Reimbursed €55
  • Play 4 Matches                                   ->      Reimbursed €40
  • Play More than 4 Matches                   ->      Reimbursed €0

² Full time student (should be able to provide a proof such as student ID). Any other exception will be

subject to approval by OCC committee.

³ No games and no vote but free drinks machine fob.


INS Medical – Mandatory Requirement to Play/Train in 2021

If you are resident in Luxembourg and wish to play in any 2021 LCF League and

Cup matches or wish to play or train with the National Team you will need to have

completed your INS medical checkup and have obtained the clearance certificate.

If you don’t have the INS Medical clearance you wont be permitted to play or train.


Please see below for further details and arranging the appointment:

Undergoing a sports medical examination (2 minutes to book and 15 minutes for

examination), please use link below regards booking an appointment:


Note1: New player moving into Luxembourg will have to complete INS to be

eligible within 3 weeks of their registration with the OCC.

Note2: Invitational players, not normally a resident of Luxembourg, are an

exception and the LCF Committee does not bear any liability in case of injuries

and accidents.


Optimists CC Committee 2021