Optimists Cricket Club News story

Optimists Training 2021

29 Mar 2021

Dear OCC members,

The outdoor net sessions for  OCC paid members will start from tomorrow (30 March 2021) from 6 to 8 pm. This recurring net session is scheduled for each Tuesday at the same time. If you haven't paid your subscription please make sure you pay before the deadline 31 March 2021 and then put your availability. 

To respect COVID regulations set by the ministry of sports we have a limit of 10 players per session (first come first serve basis). So, please act quick and answer the following doodle poll  https://doodle.com/poll/2zg8tud58g2eteau as soon as possible. Once 12 players filled the doodle per session, it won't accept any more players. Please note that WOCC players have a separate net session on Thursday and it will be managed by the captain/vice-captain of WOCC.

You will receive email confirmation on Saturday evening whether you are invited for the net-session or on the waiting list. 

Only lane 2 & 4 to be used until further notice

Please read the COVID protocol below to be followed at each session:
  • A maximum of ten players at any given time, Maximum of 5 players per lane, 2 meter distance to be maintained at all times
  • Wear masks on the ground when not training. No mask: the person goes home.
  • Touching surfaces someone else has touched is dangerous so:
  • Do not share any kit – bats, gloves, pads, thigh pads, helmet, balls etc.
  • You can only bowl with your own cricket ball.
  • Batters must not pick balls up with or without gloves. 
  • If a player doesn’t have a proper batting kit they can only bowl during that net session.
  • Keep your kit about 5m from everyone else’s. Use cones to mark where.
  • Use hand gel before and after training.
  • Put hand gel on anything someone else might touch after you - stumps, the net box, boxes of balls etc.
  • Keep 2 meters away from each other at all times: during follow throughs, when looking for lost balls etc.
  • Leave nothing at the ground when you leave.
  • As soon as your net session is finished leave the ground.

OCC Committee