Optimists Cricket Club News story

Usage Pierre Werner Cricket Ground - Please Read

28 Apr 2021

Dear Optimists CC members, fellow Luxembourg cricketers and cricket enthusiasts in Luxembourg,


I would have loved to be writing you with good news or a great story about Luxembourg cricket, but I am actually writing to you with a far more serious message.


In the month of April, notwithstanding the, sometimes adverse,  weather conditions,  we have seen a greatly contested LCF Division 1 League, played under the Covid rules as allowed by the Ministry of Sports. Unfortunately that is, for now, the only competitive cricket allowed. For the usage of nets, the allowance of spectators and any other general Covid imposed laws or regulations we have been teaming up with the LCF in order to create a safe environment for all players as well as to make sure that we abide by the these laws and regulations.


Unfortunately, and extremely disappointing, we have seen smaller and larger infractions of the existing rules on a weekly basis since the start of the season. These infractions include, but are not limited to, not keeping social distance, ignoring the rules for occupancy in the nets, drinking in public at the ground, staying after the match to watch the second match, etc. It is my understanding that the LCF is currently investigating certain events from last weekend and will follow up with those clubs & individuals involved.


Together with the LCF, we have tried to reinforce the message that we all need to follow these rules in order to avoid us facing serious repercussions but for some reason unknown to me these rules are still being broken.


The above leaves the OCC Committee with no other option than to issue a final warning to all cricketers in Luxembourg that any further rules being broken, will result in the OCC taking the unilateral decision  to close the ground for a certain period. If that will result in cancelled matches in any league and docked points, then so be it.


As a refresher:

- Stay 2 m apart (including chairs, scorers, batting teams getting ready),

- masks when not playing, 

- players, scorers and officials to leave the ground within 30 mins of the end of a game,

- only drinks of own water during or immediately before and after the game

- no spectators (excluding working ground staff)


Yours faithfully,


Joost Mees

OCC Chairman