Optimists Cricket Club News story

Use of Nets and Training Facilities: Covid-19 Measures

14 May 2020

Dear OCC, OCC Maidens and WOCC members,

As you have hopefully heard adults have been allowed by the Ministry
of Sports and the Walferdange Commmune to use the nets under strict
hygiene rules and in an orderly fashion. The LCF and OCC Committee are
working very hard to finalise protocols and planning for all clubs to
be able to use the nets as much as possible. For this purpose, we need
to understand which of our members would be interested in one or more
training sessions and in order to get a good overview can you please
email to Sri Kolla (sri.no1991@gmail.com) if you would like to be part of the rota. 

Please also indicate if you have been training with the national team before lock-down.

Training sessions will be allocated to clubs and subsequently to their
members; nobody is allowed to show up if you are not on the list for
that session, so it is very important that you message Sri if you wish
to practice.

We will continue updating all of you as soon as we have more news
about the definitive training slots for OCC, Maidens and WOCC members.

All the measures which will be implemented are in place to keep
everybody safe and healthy, so please follow the protocols diligently
when we are allowed back in the nets.

Best regards,

OCC Committee