Optimists Cricket Club News story


03 Jun 2020

Dear Members,

With huge thanks to Maples Group for their financial contribution, Optimists CC Committee is pleased to announce that today a brand-new drinks machine has been installed in the Wendy House at the PWCG.

The new machine enables easier use for members through the following 2 means of payment for drinks:

  1. Coins – As before you can pay for drinks using coins (5 cent/10 cent/20 cent/50 cent/1 euro/2 euro). Coins can be inserted into the coin slot and then push the button for the drink you would like.
  2. Key Fob (NEW!) – Members can purchase a key fob from the club for 10 euro. With the key fob, members can charge up their key fob with notes and pay for drinks that way. Please note that drinks cannot simply be paid for using notes. To charge up a key fob, place key fob in the lower slot, your current balance will appear in the screen, and then feed notes (5 euro/10 euro/20 euro) into the upper slot. Your updated balance will then show in the screen. You can then use your balance to pay for drinks by placing the key fob in the lower slot and then push the button for the drink you would like.

AGAIN, you cannot pay for drinks using notes alone.

If you wish to purchase a key fob, please email optimistsccfixtures@gmail.com about your intention and transfer 10 euro to the Optimists Bank Account – LU31 0019 1000 4983 8000. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE ‘KEY FOB + YOUR NAME’ IN THE PAYMENT REFERENCE. Once payment has been received, your key fob will be provided to you at the soonest possible occasion (please be patient with this process given the current circumstances - you will be contacted in response to your email with how you can obtain your key fob).

Please note that OCC will not be liable for any lost, stolen or damaged keys.

Thank you again to Maples Group, we hope you enjoy the new machine and look forward to be able to enjoy it with you soon.

Kind Regards

OCC Committee 2020